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Introducing Cellink NEO Extended 7+

Cellink NEO Extended 7+
Cellink NEO Extended 7+ (rear and front facing)

Introducing the Cellink NEO Extended 7+, the expansion pack which adds more capacity to the main NEO battery. 


NEO Extended 7+ is the successor to the NEO Extended 7 which comes with some improvements. Please take note that NEO Extended batteries cannot be charged as a standalone, they must be connected to the main NEO batteries (NEO 6, 8+ or 8+S).  

Cellink NEO 8+S with NEO 7+ Extended battery
Cellink NEO Extended 7+ (top) and NEO 8+S


With the new NEO Extended 7+, it supports auto detection when connecting to the NEO 8+S. Battery capacity for NEO 8+S is 7,500mAh and NEO Extended 7+ is 6,800mAh. Once you plug the link cable to the IN/OUT Auto port of NEO 8+S, the system will update the total capacity (7,600 + 6,800 = 14,300 mAh) automatically. You can verify the capacity by using the smartphone app, Cellink NEO Plus which shows the total capacity of 14.3 Ah.

Proper connection of Cellink NEO Extended 7+ battery to the main battery unit
Auto detection connection with one unit of NEO Extended 7+


​If you are connecting more than one unit of Extended 7+ , auto detection function is not working hence please refer to the following photo for the proper connection. Upon the connection, please key in the added battery capacity manually to the app. If you are adding two units of NEO Extended 7+, please add 2 x 6,800mAh = 13,600 mAh. 

NEO Extended 7+ is also compatible with earlier models, NEO 6 and NEO 8+. There's no limit of the quantity of NEO Extended 7+ connected, you just need to add the capacity manually via the app. 

Cellink NEO Ext. 7+ , easily add more battery capacity for a longer power duration to your dashcam
Two units of NEO Extended connected to a NEO 8+S


If you are connecting the NEO Extended 7+ to earlier models NEO 8+, you have to key in the capacity of extended battery manually using the Cellink NEO Plus app or else it is just "Plug and Play" if connects to NEO 8+S. 

Adding capacity of Cellink NEO 7+ using app


The new NEO Extended 7+ now comes with USB 3.0 port, LED indicator and power switch. Please make sure you switch it on after the installation.

Ports, switch and LED indicators on NEO Extended 7+
Overview for Cellink NEO Extended 7+

The following table compares between NEO Extended 7 with the new NEO Extended 7+. 

Cellink NEO Extended 7+ is now available from our online store and authorised dealers



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