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Introducing the Cellink Neo 8+S, the advanced dashcam battery

Updated: May 28

Cellink NEO 8+S the best dashcam battery
Cellink NEO 8+S

Continuing on the success of the best selling Cellink NEO 8+, the NEO 8+S is the latest dashcam battery pack built to deliver the ultimate combination of power, durability and reliability.


​The Cellink battery is designed to power your dashcam in Parking Mode for extended periods of time without depleting or affecting the performance of your vehicle’s battery.  Cellink is manufactured in Republic of Korea and it's the world's first dashcam battery introduced in 2013. ​With the letter "S" added to the predecessor NEO 8+, you maybe wondering what's the "S" stands for? Uniquely, S stands for Smarter, Safer and Slimmer. 


Now with the improved circuitry design and new Bluetooth chip, you can connect to the Cellink NEO 8+ S with faster speed and stable performance using your smartphone. 

Cellink NEO dashcam battery app
With Bluetooth built-in, you can easily connect to NEO 8+ S using Cellink Neo Plus app

The Battery Manager App allows you to manage the settings and check the battery performance with just a few taps of your finger even it is installed out of sight. You can use the app to:

  • check remaining capacity or time to full charge

  • control settings like charging current, voltage cutoff, beep sound and more.

Easily expand dashcam battery capacity
Add more capacity with NEO Extended 7 (top)

Add more battery capacity by connecting to one or more NEO EXT 7+*. Unlike the predecessor, you just need to "Plug and Play" NEO EXT 7+ and NEO 8+ S is able to automatically detect the added capacity without a need to manually key in the figures via the smartphone app. 


Cellink battery can be charged using a hardwiring cable for connection to the fuse panel or an optional cigar jack cable to the 12V socket. 

Easy to install dashcam battery
Choose hardwiring cable for professional installation or optional cigar jack cable for simple setup.

With the hardwiring cable, you can rapidly charge the battery within 50 minutes with "HIGH" (9.0A) charging mode. If you use the cigar jack cable, you have to switch to "LOW" (5.0A) charging mode due to the limitation for the power handling of cigar sockets and the charging time is increased to 1 hour 40 minutes. 

Power port, USB port, switch and LED indicator on the rear of the dashcam battery
Charging mode switch; FIX (Low) and ADJ (High) with adjustable current from 4.0 to 9.0A via app.

Now with the NEO 8+ S, it is able to detect the type of the charging cable used and automatically "LOCK" the maximum charging current for safer operation. For example, if you plug in the cigar jack cable**, NEO 8+ S will lock the actual charging current to LOW even though the charging mode switch is set to "HIGH".


NEO 8+ S comes with a battery capacity of 96Wh/ 7,500mAh which has 40% more power than NEO 5. Even though it has the same battery capacity as the predecessor, NEO 8+, the dimension is 20% smaller. 

Slimmer Cellink NEO 8+S dashcam battery
Slimmer NEO 8+S (right) comparing with the predecessor NEO 8+

To be exact, the dimension is 151mm x 205.2mm x 32.6mm. The slimmer design to better fit in smaller vehicles and tighter spaces for example under the electrical seat etc.  It sports a modern design with squared-off edges of the aluminium case which also helps to dissipate heat. 


Cellink NEO 8+ S is compatible for most 12V-powered dashcams which includes the leading brands such as BlackVueVueroid and others. With a fully charged NEO 8+ S, it can lasts up to 30 hours with a typical 3.0W dual-channel dashcam and up 55 hours with a 1.6W single-channel dashcam. ​

​It is now available for purchase from our online store or authorised dealers with option for installation. 


* With new cigar jack power cable with 3-pin design (XT-60I-F connector)

​** With new NEO EXT 7 with 3-pin design link cable (XT-60I-F connector)  



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