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Introducing the Ultimate 512GB Dashcam Extreme Endurance Memory Card.

Wow! Dashcam Extreme Endurance Memory Card
Now available in 512GB

Why Wow! Dashcam Extreme Endurance Memory Card?

At Wow! Gadgets, we know finding the right micro SD card for your dash cam can be daunting. Say goodbye to expensive OEM cards and unreliable third-party options.

Our Wow! micro SD cards are tested and proven to work perfectly with all dashcams, providing you with:

• Extreme endurance for in-car cameras and MDVRs

• Premium grade flash memory

• Fast read and write speeds for high-performance Full HD and 4K UHD recording

• High operation temperature up to 85°C

• Waterproof, Magnet proof, Temperature proof, Shock proof, and X-Ray Proof

Now available in 512GB, our largest capacity yet! Capture every moment with ease and reliability. Upgrade to Wow! micro SD cards today for the ultimate in dash cam memory solutions.

We guarantee compatibility with all dashcams, including current BlackVue models, using our 512GB microSD card.

Now available from our official onlne store and from our authorized dealers.



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