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Wow! Mobile DVR installed on forklift

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Wow! DEX-19 Mobile DVR installed on forklift

Do you know why dashcam installation is not recommended on equipment such as forklift?

Most dashcams is not waterproof hence if your forklift is operating outdoor , the dashcam maybe damage due to the rain or water splash. Another challenging point is the memory storage, most dashcam only supports up to 256GB memory card and it only records the most up to a few days and starts to loop. If you discover an incident only a few days later, the video maybe overwritten. 

Heavy-duty Mobile DVR

​Fret not, with our Wow! DEX-19 Mobile DVR which comes with configurable waterproof cameras (Full HD or HD available) and support HDD or SSD storage up to 1TB. You could record up to 1 month of video before it starts looping.

SD, SSD and HDD storage supported on this Mobile DVR
SSD inserted to the DEX-19 Mobile DVR

WiFi Connectivity

With the optional WiFi dongle, you could stream the live video to your smartphone or to perform changes to the settings.

WiFi connectivity Mobile DVR
Screenshots of the live view captured

Installation on forklift

Check out the neat and successful installation of Wow! DEX-19 in a Jungheinrich EFG32 forklift with operating voltage of 48V. The DVR was located inside the box located at the upper frame with a 500GB SSD storage and comes with key-lock for tamperproof. The two infra-red (IR) waterproof cameras were installed to record the front and rear side of the forklift. Our Wow! DEX-19 could support up to 4 cameras if needed. 

Learn more about the product from this link and contact us here if you need further assistance. 



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