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Introducing Cellink NEO 8+: The advanced parking mode battery

Cellink NEO 8+ Parking Mode battery

The first Cellink battery landed in Singapore was in 2014. Since then, we had changed the way of how drivers are able to power their dashcams safely when they are away from their beloved cars.

Why drivers are switching to Cellink batteries for parking mode?

​Back then, most dashcam users are still very much depending on car batteries to power their dashcams when it comes to parking mode. Few months after installation, they started to have problem unable to start their cars or to keep replacing the car batteries that failed prematurely.

In fact, car batteries last much longer when stored in a charged state. The instability caused by leaving it discharge most of the time (during parking mode) will damage the battery cells prematurely, this process is called battery sulfation. Even some car agents back then unaware of this problem and offered dashcam parking mode setup by tapping the power to the car battery. 

The extend of failure rate varies depending on the age, capacity and type of car battery. It also depends on users' driving behaviour for example the duration of driving versus the parking. The shorter duration of daily driving will expedite the damage to the car battery as soon as 6 months period!

With the average driving duration of less than an hour daily for most drivers in Singapore is causing more problem to the life and performance of their car batteries. Worst of all, drivers unable to start their cars due to the damaged new battery within a few months. 

The new Cellink NEO 8+

On 2nd Sept 2020, we launched the new Cellink NEO 8+, the predecessor to our best selling Cellink NEO (Neo 6) since 2017. 

 The new Cellink NEO 8+ is just 3cm longer in size but it has 25% more power than NEO. This prolonged the parking mode duration up to 30 hours to our popular cloud dashcam, BlackVue DR750S-2CH. It can be charged fully within 50 minutes of driving with the rapid and safe charging control circuit. ​

Higher capacity NEO 8+ parking mode battery

Bluetooth built-in

​NEO 8+ comes with Bluetooth built-in, just download the new "Cellink NEO Plus" Battery Manager App available from both the Apple store or Google Play store to your smartphone, you are now able to connect to the NEO 8+ to manage the settings and check the battery performance  with just a few flick of your fingers even though it is installed out of your sight.

Cellink NEO app for easy parking mode battery performance monitoring
Built-in bluetooth and smartphone app support

Password lock

To access the settings, users need to key in the default password which is "1234". Please take note that if users changed the password and forgotten it later, there's no way they could reset it themselves. The password reset could only be performed by the technical staffs in our service centre. 

Cellink NEO App parking mode battery

USB Power Outlet

With the popularity of connected dashcams such as from BlackVue, NEO 8+ comes with 5V USB 3.0 power outlet, this simplify the setup of mobile router in the vehicles. 

Cloud connectivity with parking mode battery to power the mobile router
With USB 3.0 charging port

Safe installation and accessories

Cellink NEO 8+ comes with the default hardwiring kit. We recommend NEO 8+ to be installed by our authorised dealers for safe installation since it requires connection to fuse box for rapid charging. Installers must comply with our safety guidelines, use the original power cables and fuse kits as to avoid any damage to the product and car. Optional accessories such as cigar jack charging cable and AC home charger are available upon request. 

Safe and original Cellink accessories for parking mode battery
What's included for Cellink NEO 8+

Rapid charging time in 50 minutes

If NEO 8+ is connected to the fuse box, the charging mode switch should be selected to "ADJ (adjust)" and maximum charging current of 9.0A could be set using the app as to achieve the rapid charging of 50 minutes. 

If NEO 8+ is connected using the cigar jack cable, the charging mode switch must be selected to "FIX" to enable the lower current charging mode of 4.5A hence the charging time is 100 minutes. 

Two types of  output power cable are included in the packaging, the female socket and 3-wires hence Cellink NEO 8+ is compatible for most 12V powered dashcams in the market. ​​

Extending parking mode Cellink battery
Procedure to add more battery capacity using Cellink NEO App

Add more capacity easily

Just plug in the Cellink NEO Extended to the NEO 8+. Key in the Extended battery capacity of 6,600mAh in the app and this will add up to 24 more hours of power duration easily. 

Extend the parking mode duration by adding more Cellink battery capacity
Connecting Cellink NEO Extended battery to the main unit

Comparing the Cellink Batteries

Cellink Neo 8+ is now available from our authorised dealers located islandwide or from the online store here



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