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Wow! Gadgets at the Singapore Motorshow 2023

Wow! Gadgets at the Singapore Motorshow 2023

We are excited that Singapore Motorshow, the country's largest and most prestigious motoring is back after a 3-year hiatus! It will be held at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre Levels 3 & 4. With a total of 24 participating brands, the event is MORE THAN A CAR SHOW with the iconic Russ Swift Stunt Show, celebrity appearances, a lucky draw, and EV (electric vehicle) car launches showcasing the future of automation.

Good news! Wow! Gadgets will be there too to showcase the latest safety and security products from awesome brands like BlackVue, Cellink, Vueroid and FORK-i.


This is our 13-th year since we introduced the BlackVue dashcams to Singapore and it's just getting better with their new dashcams in 2023!

Chief among them is the much anticipated DR970X-2CH LTE, a dual-channel dash cam with 4K UHD recording and built-in LTE connectivity. With this model, customers won’t have to choose between image quality and Cloud capability, as the DR970X-2CH LTE offers the best of both worlds in a compact package.

Security-conscious motorists will most certainly take an interest in the DR770X Box, a Full HD triple-channel model where the cameras connect over coaxial video cable to a lock-protected recording unit—the Box—that can be stowed safely in a glove compartment. Beside the inherent security improvement provided by this configuration, the DR770X Box allows a much smaller design for the front camera compared to a conventional dash cam, since all the components required to process and record the video feeds are embedded in the Box unit. Also unique to the DR770X Box model is the inclusion of a coin battery-powered wireless button that can be used to trigger Event recordings manually, as a way to easily bookmark important files. The DR770X Box Truck is a variant that will include an external waterproof infrared rear camera instead of the regular rear-facing camera.

The award winning dashcams: DR750X-2CH LTE Plus and DR590X-2CH are also the highlight for the best LTE dashcam and best dual-channel dashcam perspectively.


Cellink is the world's first dashcam battery and the latest model is NEO 8+S which is built in a more compact body for easier installation. It comes with built-in Bluetooth so that user can easily check the battery performance with their smartphone even the battery is out of their sight. It can power up a typical dual-channel dashcam up to about 30 hours. No more risk of unable to start your car after installing a dashcam with the proven solutions from Cellink. ​

Cellink NEO 8+S , the new dashcam battery standard


Vueroid is brand name from NCN, Korea and they are well known for their AI technology in dashcam. We will introduce Vueroid D21-series which consists of 4K UHD, 2K QHD and Full HD resolutions dashcams with deep learning AI for more accurate Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) which include the front and rear pedestrian detection. They also come with safety camera alert which is powered by Cyclops UK.

​Fret not, if you are away from your beloved car for long period of time. Unique Low Power Mode on Vueroid dashcams is able to work up to 21 days in parking mode! ​


If you are looking for safety solutions for work place on your equipment or heavy vehicles, look no further. We will showcase with live demo of FORK-i systems which comes with AI, Radar and camera technology. FORK-i with premium quality products which are well made from Republic of Korea.

The most anticipated product is i4 with 360 degrees coverage to detect human by deep learning AI and with alert warning buzzer up to 90dB. Video recording could be retrieved easily from the microSD card.

FORK-i radar and wireless camera solutions are also available. ​

Say hi to us if you are visiting Singapore Motorshow 2023. We will be more than happy to meet meet you there. Of course, we will not disappoint you with the best deals during this event since we guaranteed the lowest price in town strictly for this 4-day event. Price from $178 for a dashcam with installation, more discounts and freebies with "purchase with purchase" deals and more.

See you there!

Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

Level 3 | Booth C01 (free access to public)

12 Jan 2023 (Thu), 1pm - 9pm

13 Jan 2023 (Fri), 11:30am – 9pm

14 Jan 2023 (Sat), 10:30am – 9pm

15 Jan 2023 (Sun), 10:30am – 8pm



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