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Introducing Vueroid D20-Q2 A.I. dashcams

Vueroid D20-Q2 A.I. dashcam

Vueroid is the brand name from NC& Co. Ltd, one of the largest dashcam manufacturers located in Republic of Korea. Vueroid dashcams are now proudly distributed by Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd with the official Vueroid Singapore website here


Vueroid D20-Q2 is a dual-channel 2K QHD dashcam with SONY Starvis Image Sensors and High Dynamic Range that  produces clear day and night footage even in the most challenging road conditions.  With 145-degree field of view for both cameras to ensure minimum blind spot for safer driving.  

The D20-Q2 also features built-in WiFi, GPS functionality and a unique Speed Camera Warning System.

Vueroid D20 A.I. dashcam, the award wining dashcam
Vueroid D20 series, the award winning dashcam

The latter feature is developed by Cyclops UK, a safety camera database that provides accurate up-to-date data on speed camera locations to pre-empt drivers whenever they approach a camera zone. This includes speed cameras, red light cameras and mobile camera zones. You might like to know that the Cyclops system database works in both Singapore and Malaysia.

The D20-Q2 has various recording modes, such as normal, event recording, motion detection or time lapse, all of which can be customised from the Vueroid mobile and PC app.  It comes with Voltage Monitoring function out of the box if you allow tapping of car battery power when in parking mode. Alternatively, it is also compatible with external battery pack such as Cellink NEO as to protect on your car battery life and performance. 

Perhaps the biggest feature of the D20-Q2 is the Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The ADAS system works in a similar fashion as the safety systems onboard most modern cars.

The system features Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and a Rearward Collision Warning System (RCWS).

In addition to that, the D20-Q2 also features Lane Departure Warning (LDWS), a great feature to alert you when you are drowsy on the wheel.

At a stoplight, it’ll even go as far as to alert the driver when the vehicle in front has started moving off,  thanks to the Front Vehicle Start Alert (FVSA) system.

With ADAS’ various safety systems in place, any car equipped with the Vueroid D20-Q2 dashcam essentially has the added benefit of a full suite of active driver safety features akin to an OEM fitted driver alert system found in offerings from more premium brands.  This dashcam supports up to 256GB microSD card to ensure that all the crucial footages is kept for a longer period  before allow overwriting. Please consider getting a proven dashcam high endurance microSD card for the best performance and stability of your car camera. 

Vueroid, a smarter dashcam powered with A.I. Vision technology.  Buy your Vueroid dashcams here. 



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